Saturday, March 29, 2014

4 Money Saving Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

Is the product necessary? 

It very simple, If owning it isn’t going to increase your quality of life or solve a problem in your home, don’t buy it. There is always going to be a newer and better model of almost everything. Your iPhone works just fine without the fingerprint scanner.

Can you get it on discount?

Take advantage of the classifieds and try to find products that are over $100 worth but priced $10. Many shops will have the sign "best deal you can find." But the truth is that you might find the same product cheaper in another shop. 

Cash back opportunities?

There are many websites and apps that give you cash back for everyday purchases. Try to take advantage of cash-back opportunities. Simply click on the store you will be shopping at, and your cash back is credited to your account. 

Can you afford the product?

It may be tempting to spend “next month’s money” on a good deal, it will only leave you feeling strapped down. Debt is a horrible feeling and always try to purchase only the things that you can actually afford. 


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