Thursday, April 3, 2014

Awesome Money Saving Tips for Families

Sign Up for Customer Rewards Programs
Signing up for customer rewards programs is free and full of benefits.  I sign up for all that are available, even if I don't shop at the store too often.  I created an email just for my rewards and coupon related mail.  I check it just before shopping at certain stores to print coupons, compare deals, etc.  This has saved us so much money!  An example- Michaels Craft Store- if you sign up for their coupon emails, they will email you 50% coupons often.  Then, just before going to purchase something from there you can check for the latest coupon offers, print them out,  AND SAVE!

Use items like baking soda and vinegar to clean
Cleaning products are expensive.  Why buy them when you can make them?  There are so many simple homemade cleaning recipes.  You can make your own bleach or use baking soda to clean- here are 62 different ways to use baking soda.  You can also make your own floor cleaner..... and the list goes on.  

Not using it?  Unplug it!  We started doing this a bit ago and noticed a slight decrease in our electric bill.  This slight decrease adds up to huge savings over time!  Unplug the coffee pot, toaster, blender, and more after each use unless it is programmed cause then you will lose your settings

Make Your own Gifts
There are tons of gifts you can make for family and friends instead of buying them.  These gifts are more personal and hold more meaning too- all while saving money!  Here are some toys we have made for the girls that would make great gifts for children.f


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