Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easy Ways to Save Money

  1. Shop for a better deal on insurance, save $10-50/mo
  2. Make sure tires are properly inflated, save $30/mo
  3. Use mama cloth or a diva cup instead of disposable products, save $10/mo
  4. Don't carry a credit card balance, save $30/mo
  5. Use in-network providers for healthcare, save $30-120/mo
  6. Stop impulse and recreational shopping, save $50-300/mo
  7. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable, save $50-100/mo
  8. Save manicures and pedicures for special occasions only, save $30/mo
  9. Shop for a cheaper cell phone plan, save $10-25/mo
  10. Use cloth baby wipes instead of disposable, save $10/mo
  11. Cook vegetarian once a week, save $20/month
  12. Cancel the gym membership you don't use anyway, $30-60/mo
  13. Quit smoking, save $50-200/mo plus healthcare expenses
  14. Use less water, save $5-10/mo
  15. Downsize your garbge service, save $10/mo
  16. Do your own yard work, $150/mo
  17. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer, save $10/mo
  18. Switch to cloth napkins, save $4/mo
  19. Cancel your home phone, save $30/mo
  20. Cut down on Starbucks runs, save $15-100/mo
  21. Move to a cheaper home, save $200-2000/mo


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