Monday, March 24, 2014

Natural Headache Remedies

Natural headache remedies are effective, but finding the one that works for you, may require you to try each one until you find success.

1. Use lemons for your headache by peeling a fresh lemon and save the peels than pick up a piece of the lemon peel, one in each hand and rub your temples in small circular motions.

2. Another great method is the following, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and place your thumb in your mouth with the pad of your thumb touching the roof of your mouth. Than gently rub the roof of your mouth making small, circular motions. This is useful because rubbing the roof of your mouth disrupts the pain signals in your brain.

3. Take a moderately soft hairbrush and brush your hair gently from front to back, better yet, have someone else brush your hair, while you close your eyes and relax. The brush massages your scalp and it increases the blood flow, which reduces and relieves headache pain.

4. Lay down and let your imagination help and create powerful happy, relaxing images in your mind for 20 to 30 minutes. If you like to ski, imagine yourself perfectly skiing double black diamonds and if you enjoy the beach, imagine what you would do on a perfect beach day.

5. It is recommended to add vitamin C and magnesium to your daily regimen, if you suffer from chronic headaches. Because these supplements help both relieve and prevent headache pain.


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