Monday, March 24, 2014

Containers to Organize Your Kitchen

Containers help organize because they group items and help combat the sprawl that tends to happen behind closed doors. They also make clean-up less of a chore because that container can quickly be removed and washed under. With proper labeling, containerizing can prevent ingredients and items from getting misplaced.
Choosing an organizing container is important so here are three qualities to look for when deciding on the perfect container:

  • Size is important factor. Try not to choose something that is too small for the amount of items you intend for it to house. 
  • Flimsy basket just isn’t going to cut it for containing your pot lids and a container should be sturdy enough to hold up to repeated use.
  • Always choose containers that you actually like. They may add aesthetics to your kitchen or have sentimental value. 
Container Ideas for Your Kitchen:

1. You can use tins, large or small and square or round. You can easily scattered items like magnets, rubber bands or dried yeast packages or even bulkier things such as cookie cutters.

2.Use jars because foods bought in bulk can be transferred to jars for airtight storage and is ideal for showcasing it’s contents.

3. Use baskets because they can have many uses in a kitchen from housing bags of spices to folded cloth napkins. You can put your  laptop power cable in a small basket on the kitchen counter and stash other small electronics in it as well.

4. Using tupperware rules when it comes to pantry storage solutions. You can use any shape, size or color, there’s no question. 


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