Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alkaline Foods to Naturally Balance Your Body


This is a quintessential healthy food and it’s easy to understand that it’s an alkaline food. Broccoli is one of those vegetables that has so much going on you simply have to make an extra effort to get more of it into your system. Some people eat broccoli every day as a way to maintain good health and make sure they’re on the alkaline side. You at least want to eat it multiple times a week, with 3 or 4 times being a good rule of thumb.
Top stats (per 100g):
Vitamin C – 135%
Vitamin A – 11%
Calcium – 4%

Brussels Sprouts
Maybe you left your Brussels sprouts on your plate untouched as a child, but it’s time to get over it and learn to like these healthy vegetables. They’ve been shown to be able to help the body break down the acids caused by acid-forming foods, which boosts your pH levels and helps you get to or maintain an alkaline state. In addition to that, they’re also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, so they make a great side dish to any meal. It’s best to buy them fresh and steam them.
Top stats (per 100g):
Vitamin C – 142%
Vitamin A – 15%
Iron – 8%

Buckwheat gets mentioned a lot in health food circles because it doesn’t contain wheat, but has a similar texture when it’s in noodle form. Great for gluten-free followers. It’s also an alkaline food, so you can eat it without worrying if it will be acidic in your system. It’s also a surprisingly good source of protein, and has a decent amount of iron in it as well. If you’ve never used buckwheat in your cooking before, there are plenty of recipes available to get your feet wet.
Top stats (per 100g):
Iron – 12%
Calcium – 2%
Protein – 13.3g

Carrots are good for the eyes, but their overall effect is also an alkaline one. This makes them doubly good to eat, and they are tasty both raw, and steamed so they’re easier to chew up. Aside from the assist to the eyes, carrots also have plenty of vitamins, fiber, and potassium, making them a very well-rounded veggie. So make like Bugs Bunny and be sure to get your carrot fix every now and then.
Top stats (per 100g):
Vitamin A – 336%
Vitamin C – 10%
Calcium – 3%

You’ve got to love celery, even if you don’t necessarily love the taste. In addition to being an alkaline food it’s also very low in calories, and can help you body with a host of different benefits. If you don’t like crunching it up and having the strands get stuck in your teeth, pulverize it in a blender while you’re making a green smoothie. It also plays well in a fruit smoothie, adding a bit of spiciness without overshadowing the fruit flavors.
Top stats (per 100g):
Vitamin A – 4%
Vitamin C – 2%
Calcium – 2%


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