Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Easy-to-Grow Herbs For Your Garden


This shrubby evergreen is hardy to Zone 7. Train it to grow upright as a treelike standard or a large shrub; or select a trailing form to grow down a wall or as a groundcover. Rosemary grows well in containers, and you can bring it indoors over winter in cold climates. Grow rosemary in a hot, dry, sunny location.


Garnish, breath freshener, and cooking spice, parsley is available in curled and flat-leaf forms. The flat-leaf type is preferred for cooking, while the curled version makes a more decorative garnish. The plant is a favorite of the swallowtail butterfly, so plant enough to feed your family and swallowtail caterpillars that feed on the leaves. Grow parsley in full sun to partial shade.


Spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint are just a few of the many mint varieties available. All are rapid spreaders, making them suitable as groundcovers in confined areas, such as a parking strip or an area bounded by a foundation and sidewalk. Or grow it in a container to prevent it overtakinggarden neighbors. Mint prefers partial shade but tolerates full sun.

Lemon Balm

You might describe lemon balm as having a strong lemony scent (and flavor) that''s touched with mint. It is a perennial to Zone 4. Remove the flowers of lemon balm to prevent it from self-seeding and becoming weedy. It grows in full sun to part shade, and, as seen here, makes a handsome container plant.


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